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Vision and Value


Vision and Value


AHI Roofing's Vision

Our Company's vision is to provide innovative, high quality roofing systems which everyone aspires to have on their home, and to be an outstanding contributor to the success of the Fletcher Building Products Group.

AHI Roofing's Core Values

 The provision of genuine value to all customers.
 Honesty and integrity in the conduct of our affairs.
 A climate of trust and concern for the welfare of all employees enabling each team    member to seek self-fulfillment.
 Leadership in technology and marketing.
 The efficient and wise use of all resources.
 A willingness and tenacity to meet all challenges.

Quality Roofing Products

We will continue to maintain a strong emphasis on research and development, always striving to produce roofing materials that are second to none. Stringent controls and quality checks ensure that standards of production are consistently high. By sharing what we learn in each market, we develop new products and technology from a very wide database, taking full benefit from our international experience.

AHI Roofing's Success

Our success is highly dependent on the success of our distributors around the world and we will be continually enhancing and improving our products, service and marketing programmes to maximise the business opportunities for both our company and our distributors.