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1940 During World War 2, bitumen paint-protected iron cladding was used in the UK
1954 Lou Fisher observed the bitumen coating process.
1957 The first Fisher tile was manufactured in Auckland. (The world's first Steel Roof Tile)
1964 10-Pan Harvey tile was developed.
1967 Decra interlocking profile developed.
1960-70 Stone chips refined; overglaze added.
1970's Exports to Europe, licensed manufacture in Belgium 1979 and Denmark in 1981.
1980 Acrylic coatings introduced, improving durability.
1980's Exports to Asia, licensed manufacture in Malaysia 1985.
1989 Gerard operations (outside USA) purchased.
1989 USA plant established - Corona, California
1981-94 Export Offices in Canada 1981, Australia 1989, Central Europe 1991, Arabian Gulf 1993, Japan 1994, Hong Kong 1998, Turkey 1999, Slovenia 2000, Poland 2001, France 2004.
1995 Zincalume® Steel Substrate replaces galvanized steel, further extending product life.
1988 Purchased by Tasman Building Products, renamed AHI Roofing.
2003 Purchased by Fletcher Building.
2005 Purchased Plant of former Licensee in Malaysia.
2009 AHI Roofing commissions its newest manufacturing facility at Varpalota, an industrial town in Western Hungary, which will source its key raw materials from New Zealand.
2010 Dedicated export office for Africa Opens.