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Energy-Efficient Performance Accessories

Technical Drawings

Using leading edge technology Decra Milano Tile has been created to extend our wide range of profiles. With a timeless look of traditional Mediterranean roofs, Architects and Specifiers will enjoy working with the soft curves and versatility of this strong inter-locking profile.

Decra Milano Tile
Decra Milano Tile
Decra Milano Tile
Decra Milano Tile
Decra Milano Tile
Decra Milano Tile

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Barrel Trim

Barrel Trim


Sage Chestnut Redwood Cedar Charcoal Grey
Sage  Teak Terracotta Cedar Charcoal Grey
Spanish Red Tuscany Forest Green Bracken Sapphire
Garnet Sienna Greenstone Pepper Sapphire
Rosso Antico      
Rosso Antica



Lightweight Advantages

Wind Uplift

The base steel Zincalume® has superior long term corrosion resistance. The combination of the sacrificial protection of zinc with the barrier protection of the aluminium provides superior performance to galvanised coatings in almost all environments. This all adds up to a significantly longer service life. Lightweight Advantages 6.4kg/m², Decra Classic Tiles make up one of the lightest roofs available. Less weight on the roof means less stress on the sub-structure. In many cases substantial savings can be made as there is no need for expensive reinforcing of the sub-structure. Being light in weight, Decra Roofing Tiles are easily handled, and installation is completed in a short time. Decra Roofing has a unique horizontal fixing system. Because each panel is fixed horizontally to roof battens, wind shear is virtually eliminated. Most other roofing products relay on vertical fixing methods that are prone to lifting in high winds.
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Storm, Wind and Rain


Earthquakes are tragic reminders of the power of nature. The least affected roofs were the stone-coated steel roofing materials as made by Decra Roofing. Scores of homes with these roofs had no structural or roof damage even though they were located in areas of significant destruction with neighbouring houses showing serious damage. Extreme weather — including violent storms, strong winds up to hurricane strength, and heavy rain — can cause widespread devastation. This report documents the performance of Decra Roofing systems under such extreme conditions.
Decra Roofing systems are made from sheet steel coated with stone chips. Experience shows that metal roofs are no more vulnerable to a lightning strike than any other non-metallic substrate. Indeed, the likelihood of a lightning strike is determined only by the height and location of the building.