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Aluzinc Coated Steel

Since 1996, all Decra tiles have been manufactured from Aluzinc coated steel. It is well established that for roofing, Aluzinc steel can last up to 9 times longer than ordinary galvanised steel.

The tiles carry a 150 micron coating on both sides of the steel. This protects the steel from rusting even if there is a scratch, or along a cut edge (providing that sheers are used to cut the steel.

All Decra Tiles carry a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty and this applies even in coastal locations, which is particularly important in Africa, since most of the population leave in coastal towns and cities.

Natural Stone Coatings

Decra Tiles are coated with natural stone taken from volcanic rock quarries in New Zealand. This hard rock protects the coatings from ultra violet exposure and also provides the tile with its unique colour.

Some of the stones coatings come in a single colour and others are blended to generate the unique and exhaustive colour range. Some tiles like the Shingle and Antico use two colours on one tile to create a distinctive aesthetic.

Where a colour does not occur naturally like the blue, a natural stone is taken and every single piece is ceramically coated to give it the same lifespan as all the other tiles.

Our warranty covers no visible colour change for the first 15 years of exposure to ultraviolet, but even after several decades the colour remains a strong feature.

Advanced Coating Technology

All of our tiles uses a 7 layer coating technology. The stone chips we use are sized so that they can be embedded in the thick basecoat, which once dry, embeds the stone chip and bonds it to the tile surface.

Once all the layers have been applied, the tiles are backed in an oven for an hour to make sure that all of the coatings are bonded firmly together.