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European Settlers to Amercia in the 17th and 18th centuries brought traditional English, Dutch, French and German roofing styles to this developing country, recreating those styles from timber that was in plentiful supply. Cedar was split with an axe to make roof tiles or 'Shakes'. The natural aesthetic appeal of 'Shake' roofs has been re-created in the Decra Shake, incorporating easy installation features.

Decra Shake Tile
Decra Shake Tile
Decra Shake Tile
Decra Shake Tile
Decra Shake Tile
Decra Shake Tile

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Barrel Trim Angle Trim Box Trim  
Barrel Trim Angle Trim Box Trim        


Sage Teak Sienna Sapphire Cedar
Sage  Teak Sienna Sapphire Cedar
Spanish Red Greenstone Pepper Sable  
Spanish Red  Greenstone Pepper Sable


Steel Battens

Lightweight Advantages

Wind Uplift

Steel battens are an attractive lower cost alternative to timber battens. Decra Roofing has developed specific techniques to ensure our tiles can be used equally with either steel or timber battens. Decra Roofing tiles can be fixed directly to steel substructures totally eliminating the use of timber. One of the many benefits of steel battens and tiles is the increase in resistance to fire. Lightweight Advantages 6.4kg/m², Decra Classic Tiles make up one of the lightest roofs available. Less weight on the roof means less stress on the sub-structure. In many cases substantial savings can be made as there is no need for expensive reinforcing of the sub-structure. Being light in weight, Decra Roofing Tiles are easily handled, and installation is completed in a short time. Decra Roofing has a unique horizontal fixing system. Because each panel is fixed horizontally to roof battens, wind shear is virtually eliminated. Most other roofing products relay on vertical fixing methods that are prone to lifting in high winds.
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Fire Resistance

Earthquakes are tragic reminders of the power of nature. As well as the billions of dollars worth of property damage, earthquakes cause countless injuries and deaths.

The least affected roofs were the stone-coated steel roofing materials as made by Decra Roofing. Scores of homes with these roofs had no structural or roof damage even though they were located in areas of significant destruction with neighbouring houses showing serious damage.
Decra Roofing systems have been proven under all possible and extreme weather conditions around the world including large hailstones and heavy snow loads. The stone surface of all Decra Roofing's roof tiles is a potential life saver. Its rough texture holds snow in place until it melts naturally and harmlessly. Dangerous snow sliding is therefore eliminated without the need for expensive and unsightly snow stops. The fire resistant solution from Decra Roofing - A safe roofing solution must be extremely fire resistant to prevent hot embers from external fires spreading. The ideal roof will be lightweight yet strong and securely interlocked to prevent it collapsing if an interior fire becomes established. Roofing materials manufactured by Decra Roofing are made from non-combustible, high-quality aluminium-zinc coated steel.

Tiles made by Decra Roofing are light, weighing in at a mere 7kg per square metre, which is approximately one seventh the weight of concrete and clay tiles. With every tile being securely fastened at eight points, there is little chance of a roof collapsing. Decra Roofing products are tested to comply with or exceed relevant building codes and regulations.