Decra Kenya


Decra Warranty

Decra Roofing Systems pressed steel roofs come with a 25-year full weatherproof warranty, plus a diminishing pro-rata warranty for a further 25 years.


  • Weathering Resistance
    • Resistance to Impact of Hailstones test – by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia. (AHI 9.1)

  • Weather Security
    •  High Speed Dynamic Rain Penetration and High Wind loading Tests – by the Construction Research Laboratory Inc, Florida, USA. (AHI 2.1.1)

       Low Speed Dynamic Rain Penetration Test – by the Experimental Building Station, Australia. (AHI 2.1.9)

  • Hurricane/Cyclone Wind Resistance
    •  Hurricane tested by the Construction Research Laboratory Inc., Miami, Florida, USA (AHI 2.1.1)

       Cyclone Loading Test to the Wind Loading Code, Australian Standard 1170, part 2 1975 – by the Cyclone Testing Station, Australia. (AHI 2.3.12, 2.3.13)

  • Thermal Resistance
    • Thermal properties with and without underlays (sarking). Tests by the AHI Technical Centre, New Zealand. (AHI 2.5.2, 3.63).

  • Concentrated Loading
    • Concentrated Force on Roofing Tiles in Australian Standard 1562. Rule 5.2, 1973 by the Cyclone Testing Station, Australia. (AHI 2.2.2, 2.1.9)

  • Drinking Water Quality
    • Rainwater run-off is well within the lower limits of the World Health Organisation’s standards. Tests by Water Science Laboratories, Australia. (AHI 2.5.27, 2.5.28, 2.5.29, 2.5.30). Note: Due to the use of surfactants in the basecoat, water should not be collected from the roof for drinking purposes prior to at least three good rainfalls.

  • Fire Resistance
    •  Otto Graf Institute, Germany – Resistance to flying fires and radiant heat, Cert. No: DIN4102/7 October 2000.

       Japan Ministry of Construction Fire Test approval No: 11513, July 1993.

       Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) Class A, B and C Fire Ratings. (AHI 3.70)

       Class A and B Fire Retardant Roof Rating, Re-roofing over existing Wood Shakes, Wood Shingle or Asphalt Shingle Roofs, in accordance with ICBO requirements. (AHI 3.64).

       Early Fire Hazard Test to Australian Standard 1530, Part 3 – by the Building Research Association of New Zealand. (AHI 2.4.4) Above test ratings achieved utilising proper underlayment.

  • Earthquake Resistance
    •  Wakefield Laboratories Limited of New Zealand – Simulated Earthquake Test 1969. (AHI 2.5.34).

    •  Performance report of Roofing Materials during the 6.8 Northridge Earthquake, TMC USA 1994.

  • Building Certification
    •  British Board of Agrement, assessment of products for construction – Certificate No: 99/3568 March 1999.

       BRANZ (Building Research Association New Zealand) Appraisal Certificate No: 314, Ocotber 1998.