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Allowing natural light to flood into your home, the Decra Roof window opens at the bottom to provide extra ventilation, additional headroom and uninterrupted views

The window is manufactured from polycarbonate with a filter of arcyclic. The combination has a supreme durability and UV resistance, and is impact-proof against all types of rough weather including monsoon rains.

Easy to install, the Decra Roof Window is available in any Genuine Decra Roof Tile profile to ensure complete weather security after installation.

Measuring 510 x 466mm these windows come with a fully re-inforced timber frame and are offered as an escape window for use in the event of fire.



Decra® skylights are compatible with Decra® Heritage and Classic tiles. They can bring light and air into any room.

 Fitted skylight will match your Classic or Heritage roof exactly

 Advanced no-flashing installation system reduces risks of leaks

 Choose a transparent or opaque dome

 Choose vented or non-vented (weather-safe vents remain permanently open)


The Decra® Sun Tunnel brings natural light into the home, providing a healthier environment, while reducing electricity costs.

Mounted in a genuine Decra® profile base, it seamlessly matches your roofs. The lightweight dome captures the suns natural light form any angle and directs it into even the darkest areas of your home.

A double glazed diffuser reflects the light through the ceiling fitting which looking like any ordinary light. The energy efficiency of the Decra® Sun Tunnel could see your lighting and energy bills tumbling.

The Decra® Sun Tunnel is easy to install and comes in 3 ready assembled parts: Roof Section, Attic Section and ceiling Section.



Sislation Foil provides a reflective barrier membrane, trapping heat between your genuine Decra® Roof and your attic cavity. In the same way as a mirror reflects light, Sislation Foil reflects 95% of heat and reduces the flow of heat by 70%-80%.

Because some 60%-70% of heat in a property is generated through the roof, this significantly reduces internal temperatures which can help dramatically to reduce the cost of air conditioning.




Decra® Ventilation systems can produce savings in your air conditioning usage. By extracting warm air from your home, Decra® Roof Vents, combined with Decra® Foil can reduce average room temperatures by up to 5°C.

Developed to provide high capacity air flow, the Sanitary Vent is ideal for kitchen and bathroom ventilations.

The Decra® Cowl Vent meanwhile is a discreet and efficient choice for ventilation, venting an area of 12,500mm². Designed to blend in with the Decra® Roof surface, the built-in grill keeps out insects and driving rain.


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